Donations by The Armchair Club from September 1994 to date

March 2024Mansfield Cricket Club£500
December 2023Mansfield Bowling Club£250
December 2023Mansfield Badminton Club£250
December 2023Sherwood Wolf Hunt£250
December 2023Matthew Smart£360
November 2023Callum Mills£250
November 2023Kerrie Allen£250
November 2023Amie Grainger£250
August 2023Lawrence Burton£250
June 2023Olivia Mitchell - Photos£250
May 2023Ambitious Athletes Scheme£500
May 2023Meden Vale FC£500
May 2023Sam Hammond£500
May 2023Ethan Potter£500
May 2023Manor Gymnastics£500
March 2023Rainworth & Blidworth Boxing Club£250
March 2023More Leisure Community Trust£427
March 2023Football in the Community£500
Feb 2023Callum Mills£250
Jan 2023Brandon Lee£500
Oct 2022Elliott Clogg£500
Oct 2022Amelia Allen - Photos:1,2,3
Oct 2022Jack Adamson McMinn£250
Sept 2022Mansfield Rugby Club£718
Sept 2022Levie Charles Kids Football £250
Sept 2022Millie-Rae Vardy£250
June 2022Lawrence Burton£500
June 2022Rebecca Gillespie£500
May 2022Ed Simmons£250
April 2022Rossi Starbrook£500
April 2022Sam Hammond£500
April 2022Lily Hammond£500
April 2022Callum Mills£350
January 2022Jenny Bryan£500
January 2022Ross Lamb £585
December 2021Elliott Clogg£800
October 2021Amelia Allen£500
February 2021Mansfield Harriers£1000
January 2021Amelia Allen £100
December 2020Exoress Coaching£500
October 2020E Clogg - Info,Interview,Update,MRS Training & Recue Post
April 2020Sherwood Wolf RLC£500
April 2020C Allsop£250
April 2020B Allwood£500
April 2020R Gillespie£500
April 2020O Spiers - Photos - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

April 2020D Ramsey£250
February 2020H Gowan£500
February 2020C Mills£250
February 2020Walesby Juniors£250
January 2020M Hallam£250
January 2020H Poxon£250
January 2020A Allen£500
December 2019E Clogg£1000
October 2019Oliver Golanowska£484
July 2019Ramsey£250
July 2019L Burton£250
June 2019Clipstone Welfare Colts£1000
June 2019Mansfield Junior Badminton£600
June 2019Foundation£500
June 2019N Leivars£500
June 2019Mansfield and Ashfield Schools FA£180
April 2019Luca Sheldon£500
April 2019Sam and Lily Hammond £500
April 2019Daniel Ramsey£500
March 2019Gymstarz£370
March 2019Jenny Bryan£500
March 2019Killian Ryan£500
January 2019776 Gymnastics£583
January 2019Ross Lamb - News£500
January 2019Callum Mills£250
January 2019Sam Lloyd£300
December 2018Chloe Bowers£100
November 2018Libby Coleman£500
October 2018Foundation£500
September 2018Molly Cooper£250
August 2018Charlotte Freeman£500
August 2018Della Spina£250
August 2018Ethan Davies
August 2018Coxmoor Junior Section
June 2018Charlotte Henshaw - Charlotte Henshaw won KL2 200m para-canoe gold at the Tokyo Paralympics in 2021, with team-mate Emma Wiggs clinching silver by setting a new Paralympic best time of 50.760 seconds. Wiggs, won VL2 gold on Friday but secured the ParaGB 1-2 and capturing a silver, finishing 0.649secs behind Henshaw. Video £300
April 2018Elliott Clogg£1000
February 2018Notts Schools Athletics Association£750
January 2018Ross Lamb£250
January 2018Callum Mills£250
December 2017Blidworth Blacks FC£225
August 2017Kieran Harby£688
July 2017Sherwood Colliery Swimming Club£1000
July 2017Mansfield Taekwondo Academy£580
July 2017Huthwaite Boxing Club£600
July 2017Phil Edwards Golf for Schools£550
July 2017Jordan Boulton£500
March 2017Bailey Lowe£500
February 2017Ella Hughes£500
February 2017Aspire and Achieve Foundation£840
December 2016Sutton Squash Club£275
December 2016Callum Mills£500
December 2016Kieran Sheppard£250
December 2016Market Warsop Girls FC£250
December 2016Ethan Davis - Skiing£600
December 2016Luke Duffy - Athletics £250
December 2016Ben & Tom Birchall£1000
November 2016Ross Lamb£250
November 2016Zenith Sports£150
November 2016Callum Mills£500
November 2016Keira Shepherd£333
November 2016Market Warsop Girls £250
September 2016Jordan Boulton£500
September 2016Lewis Kane£200
September 2016Emily Witts £200
September 2016Darren Kissane – Badminton £200
August 2016Mansfield Rugby Club£135
August 2016Mansfield Junior Badminton Club £500
August 2016Clipstone Welfare Colts £348
August 2016St. Josephs FC under 9s – Sabre Sports £517
August 2016J. C. McFarlane for Meg £250
August 2016St Josephs U9's FC£500
July 2016Mansfield RUFC Girls Section£150
July 2016Mansfield Junior Badminton Club£500
July 2016Clipstone Welfare Colts FC£348
July 2016Nottingham Power Chair Football£3500
June 2016Mansfield Lawn Tennis Club£375
April 2016Ella Hughes – Cross Country£250
March 2016Ethan Davis – Skiing£250
March 2016Ella Hughes – Cross country£250
February 2016 Callum Mills ice skating£250
January 2016Tom Cumberland – Golf£500
December 2015Lyla Easom -Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Photo£250
September 2015Elliot Clogg swimmer£500
July 2015Sam Hay Squash£250
July 2015Billie Jo Smith Golf£500
July 2015D. Brewer Taekwondo - Photo
May 2015Glapwell Colliery Cricket club£500
May 2015Freya Christie Tennis£500
May 2015Selston Town Cricket club£250
April 2015Martin Jenks BHP special chairs£240
April 2015Lily May Boseley – Swimmer£350
March 2015Joshua Tarry - Ice Skater£250
October 2014 Oliver Pratley Swimmer£300
September 2014J. & B. Whiteman Skating£250
June 2014Alissia Barlow£500
May 2014Reuben Haines Taekwando£250
May 2014Joseph New - Cricket£250
April 2014Ethan Davis – Skier£250
March 2014Ollie Hynd – Swimming£350
March 2014Charlotte Henshaw – Swimming£350
December 2013F. Swinbank Epee fencer£200
November 2013Ben King – Tennis£250
July 2013Hannah Thorpe - Skater£250
July 2013Mansfield Hosiery Mills£500
April 2013Farnsfield CC£250
March 2013Freya Christie – Tennis£500
March 2013Oliver Pratley – Swimming£500
March 2013Jamie Whiteman – Skating£250
September 2012Freya Christie – Tennis£500
July 2012Luke Pearce – Gymnast£250
May 2012Andrew Zawadzki – Swimming£250
March 2012Jordan Boulton – Golf£250
February 2012Oliver Pratley – Swimmer£250
October 2011Freya Christie – Tennis£1000
August 2011Coxmoor Junior Girls Team£200
July 2011Bailey Lowe – Karate£250
July 2011Rachel & Charlote Gair – Hammer Thrower & Discus250
May 2011Mansfield & Pleasley Cricket Club£500
May 2011Freya Christie – Payment on behalf of AC Trust£1000
May 2011Shannon Rose Burrows – Martial Arts£320
March 2011Paula Robinson – Wheelchair Badminton£150
March 2011Jake Norris – Power lifting, Dubai£300
February 2011Oliver Pratley- Swimming£250
February 2011Jamie Whiteman – Skating£250
February 2011Farnsfield Cricket Club£100
February 2011Daniel Barkes – Runner£264
February 2011Jennifer Clarke – Snow Boarding£250
February 2011Emma Dallman – World Transplant Games£329
September 2010Sports Aid£500
September 2010Ben King – Tennis£250
September 2010Jamie Whiteman – Ice Skating£250
September 2010Bethan Whiteman – IceSkating£250
August 2010Oliver Pratley – Swimmer£250
August 2010Portland College TableCricket£250
August 2010Colin Radmore – Canoeist£250
July 2010Rachel & Charlotte Gair – Hammer Thrower & Discus£200
June 2010Stephen Lisgo – Runner£500
June 2010Freya Christie – Tennis£250
December 2009England Girls Basketball£150
December 2009Freya Christie – Tennis£1000
October 2009Ben & Tom Birchall – Motorcycle Sidecar Champions£500
October 2009Stephen Wells- Martial Arts£250
August 2009Freya Christie – Tennis£250
July 2009C. Radmore – Canoeist£500
July 2009Jamie & Bethan Whiteman – Ice Skating£300
July 2009Ben King – Tennis£150
May 2009Jamie Allen – Taekwondo£250
April 2009Katie Gillies – Swimmer£250
April 2009Farnsfield Cricket Club£1000
March 2009Ruby Straw – Gymnast£500
February 2009Joanne Tollervey – Karate£333
February 2009Freya Christie Tennis£500
November 2008Emma Dallman – World Transplant Games£500
September 2008Mansfield Olympic Gymnast Club£500
August 2008Freya Christie – Tennis£250
August 2008Glapwell FC – Lawn Mower£500
August 2008Glapwell Cricket Club£500
August 2008Heidi Gregory – Swimmer£250
May 2008Glapwell FC£500
May 2008Rachel Gair – Hammer Thrower£250
May 2008Charlotte Gair – Discus£250
May 2008Sam Hynd – Swimming£250
May 2008Daniel Mills – Swimming£250
May 2008Rachel Murray – Girls Soccer£250
May 2008Alicia Robinson Hockey£250
May 2008Sam Walker – Table Tennis£250
May 2008Sarah Perks – Table Tennis£250
May 2008Tom Pereira – Basketball£250
May 2008Charlotte Henshaw – Swimming£250
April 2008Rebecca Adlington – Swimming£1000
March 2008Mansfield Bowling Club£500
February 2008Jamie Whiteman – Ice Skater£500
February 2008Sam Hynd – Swimmer£200
January 2008Mr G. Graney – Cricket Umpire£300
January 2008Mansfield Maulers Wheelchair Basketball£500
October 2007David Mills -Sports Aid£250
October 2007Samuel Walker -Sports Aid£250
October 2007Rachel Murray -Sports Aid125
August 2007Darren Winfield Stanesby – Weight Lifter£500
August 2007Rebecca Adlington – Swimmer£500
June 2007Rachel Gair – Hammer Thrower (Sports Aid)£250
May 2007Emma Dallman – World Games, Thailand£500
January 2007Thomas Pereira – Sports Aid East Midlands£250
January 2007Lee Graney – Rugby£250
July 2006Natalia Cresci – Athletics£250
July 2006Tony Grisman -Sports Award£100
July 2006Glapwell Cricket Club£250
July 2006A Place to Call Our Own£100
June 2006Jamie Walker Charitable Fund£250
May 2006Sports Award Charlotte Draycott£100
April 2006Alicia Robinson -Sports Aid£150
April 2006Sarah Perts -Sports Aid£150
February 2006Sports Awards Sam Hynd£100
February 2006Sports Awards Daniel Mills£100
December 2005MTFC UK 2006£750
May 2005Christopher Adcock -Badmington£500
March 2005T. Calladine – Three Counties Rugby Tour£250
March 2005J. Williams – Three Counties Rugby Tour£250
March 2005A. Symocox – Three Counties Rugby Tour£250
January 2005Farnsfield Junior Cricket Club£250
January 2005Mansfield & District Youth Cricket League£500
January 2005Manor 4th Woodhouse Football Club£350
January 2005Carsic Colts£257
January 2005Rainworth Rangers Under 11s£250
Nov-04Polar Challenge West Notts College£500
nov-04Angela Holmes – Coach to British Deaf Swimming Squad£500
Aug-04Q. E. Nippers FC£500
Aug-04Sally Hopkins – Modern Pentathalon£250
Apr-04Mansfield Town FC (Stags) Community Trust£2678
Apr-04Mansfield & District Youth Cricket League£360
Apr-04Welbeck Warriors Youth Scheme£500
Dec-02A & K. Tranter – Taekwondo£500
Dec-02Mansfield Express Basketball£250
Dec-02C. Lawson – Swimming£250
May-02J. Farnsworth – Golf£250
May-02Welbeck Colliery Cricket£250
May-02Teversal Cricket Club£500
Apr-02Tibshelf PTFA£500
Feb-02Rebecca Adlington – Sports Personality£300
Feb-02Christopher Adcock – Sports Personality£100
Feb-02K. Chiverton – Sports Personality£100
Feb-02Kathryn Goodall – Sports Personality£100
Feb-02Stags Supporters Association£40
Oct-01Jamie Farnsworth – Golfer£500
Oct-01Mansfield Athletic FC£275
Oct-01Mansfield Referees Assoc£100
Oct-01Mansfield Express Basketball£250
Oct-01Rainworth Tigers£275
Oct-01Clipstone Rovers£50
Oct-01Travis Binnion – Cricketer£250
Jul-01R. Cooper – Motorcyclist£100
Jun-01A. Foulkes£300
Jun-01Teversal Cricket Club£500
Jun-01Welbeck Colliery Cricket£300
Jun-01Russell Todd£300
Jun-01J. Cooper Mansfield Harriers£150
Feb-01Sports Personality£700
Jun-00Welbeck Colliery Cricket£800
Jun-00RR. Soos Runner£150
Jun-00Sutton Celtic Youth Football Club£100
Jun-00Glapwell Football Club£500
Jun-00Mansfield Referees Assoc£100
Apr-00Edwin Arthur Care Homes Cricket League£300
Apr-00Glapwell Colliery Cricket Club£500
Apr-00TibshelF Junior FC£500
Mar-00M. Newell – Cricketer£1000
Feb-00G. Walker – Sports Personality£300
Feb-00D. Richards – Sports Persoanlity£100
Feb-00T. Morley – Sports Personality£100
Feb-00A. Bennett – Sports Personality£100
Jan-00Sutton Celtic Youth Football Club£200
Jan-00Mansfield Swimming Club£500
Sep-99A. Tranter – Taekwondo£500
Apr-99A. Tranter – Taekwondo£250
Apr-99E. Lilley Mansfield Harriers£150
Apr-99R. Newton – Hurdler£150
Apr-99M. Holden£200
Mar-99Sports Personality£550
Mar-994th Mansfield Woodhouse FC£100
Mar-99Jessica & Chelsey Haywood – Ice Skating£100
Mar-99Lisa Cater – Athletic Kit£100
Mar-99Mansfield Referees Assoc£250
Mar-99Langwith Cricket Club sponsor shirts£250
Mar-99Louise Gill – Taekwondo£100
Mar-99Edwin Arthur Care Homes Cricket League£300
Mar-99Welbeck Colliery Cricket£500
Nov-98Mansfield & District Table Tennis League£100
Nov-98Kevin Evans Benefit Dinner£1000
Sep-98Mansfield Chinese Boxing£500
Sep-98Shirebrook Town FC£500
Jul-98Elizabeth Regan – International Guide Camp Japan£100
Jun-98Lisa Cater – Spikes and road shoes£100
Apr-98Mansfield Town FC Youth League£500
Apr-98Kirsty Thomas – Women Professional Golfers European Tour100
Apr-98Edwin Arthur Care Homes Cricket League£100
Mar-98Sports Personality£650
Feb-98Jan Davis – Canoe Polo£250
Jan-98Mansfield Town FC Football in the Community£200
Jun-97Verity Green – World Games for the Deaf£500
May-97Danielle & Kumei – Asan Karate Girls£500
May-97Mansfield Town FC Youth League team visit£1000
Mar-97Sports Personality£600
Oct-96Andy Pick Benefit£1500
Jul-96Olympic Appeal Midland Bank£2000
Mar-96Mansfield Youth League£3050
Dec-95Benefit Dinner – Paul Johnson£1441
Sep-95N. Banbury – Raleigh Challenge£100
Jul-95K. Barlow – Raleigh Challenge£100
Jun-95Mansfield Town Football Club£2500
Feb-95P. Franks – Chad Personality£500
Feb-95E. Goodall – Chad Personality£50
Feb-95L. Spick – Chad Personality£50
Feb-95R. Styles – Chad Personality£50
Sep-94Stacey Wilkinson£100
Sep-94Trent Bridge£2000